Avyukta Intellicall predictive dialer software helps optimize your customer contact process. Discover how our predictive dialers can help your business maximize
Predictive is mainly used to contact a large volume of customers within a short period of time. Predictive dialing frees agents from waiting during the dialing and ringing process. Agents spend their time answering calls and are not distressed with unanswered calls. Campaigns using predictive dialing can average agent productivity of 50 minutes per hour and trouble ratios of 3% or less.

• Manual, Progressive& Predictive Dialing
• Longest idle agent based routing
• Outbound ACD
• Multiple campaign management and dialing modes
• Agent inter dialing support
• Music on hold, call transfer and retrieval
• Real Time Supervision and Agent Call Intervention
• Call forwarding and 3 way conferencing
• Call back scheduling

with Automated Dialer Technology. DOT approved VoIP Predictive Dialer solution brings world-class campaign management, predictive dialing, and unique Active Blending capabilities to your sales or marketing organization.